Local products

We love to work with local products. The rest is filled up with the most honest and responsible goods. Fresh is our standard and we would like to introduce some of our suppliers to you.

Aardzwam & Zo

The Oyster Mushrooms from Aardzwam&Zo are being made on our coffee grounds! These Oyster Mushrooms come from Bergen op Zoom, from a basement located 150 meters from where you are seated right now: that is how local it can get here!

Crusio Thee

Tea sommelier Kiona Malinka of Crusio Thee from Bergen op Zoom selects fresh leaves from all the tea corners of the globe. In our restaurant you can choose between fresh tea from white to green, oolong, black tea and herbal infusions.

Kaas & Toost Halsteren

Taste, experience and discover the cheeses of Kaas & Toost from Haslteren. Every single cheese is unique with its own characteristic flavour and texture. Made by traditional recipes and an exceptional (intern)national production method.


At Desemenzo we bake bread based on our own sourdough cultures. Edwin Klaasen, als known as #bakkertjezelf, founded Desemenzo in 2007. In his vision sourdough bread reflects the purity of the bakery craft. It requires time, knowledge and passion and that shows in the bread that we serve.

Van Tiggelen Asparagus

The seasonal white asparagus being served in our restaurant are those from Van Tiggelen. They are a renowned farm producing only the very best asparagus from the Brabantse Wal. Did you know asparagus got European Recognition for being an exceptional regional product? According  to the commission the well-known non bitter and slightly briny taste defines these asparagus.

Cioccolatini Custom Chocolate

The bonbons being served in our restaurant are made by Cioccolatini Custom Chocolate. Only the best ingredients are the basis and the end result is fantastic due to the personal touch of chocolatier Esther Hazen.

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