King and Queen at the Draak

The King and Queen of the Netherlands visited Grand Hotel the Draak on the 16th of February in 2016. Family Hazen had the delight to welcome the Royals, their visit was focussed on endurance in entrepreneurship.  During their visit Director / Owner Frans Hazen could tell them more about the entrepreneurship of himself and his supporting family.

The focus was on endurance, something which has been leading in the career of Frans Hazen; many of us couldn’t face the challenges he faced and still stand up straight. There has been a great fire in the Residence in the year 2005 and another fire in the main building of the Draak in 2013.

In the year 2005, besides the large fire, the eldest daughter of Frans Hazen passed away after falling off an horse. In the year 2013, besides the large fire, the twin brother of Frans Hazen passed away. Although these blows on both personal and professional level Frans Hazen held his ground and created an amazing company.

As Frans Hazen stated during this visit: ‘Fire has proven to nearly ruin the very existence of this hotel three times. We can conclude that a Dragon spits fire but will never be devoured by it’. Very keen on entrepreneurship, innovation and dedication family Hazen kept on developing the oldest hotel of the Netherlands. Besides this family Hazen is aware of the fact that their employees also contribute to the success of the oldest hotel of the Netherlands on a daily basis.

Source pictures: BN de Stem & Omroep Brabant.

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